Mapping the Remittance Customer Journey

Seeing how remittances are tangible facilitators of care

  • Industry

    Financial Tech

  • Type

    Remittance Services

  • Deliverables

    Customer Journey Mapping, In-Context Insights, Service Driver and Barriers Analysis

  • Team Collaborators

    Product Manager

WorldRemit was touted one of 2015’s hottest FinTech startups, and was awarded an extra USD100 million dollars in series B funding.

Its product team, led by Head of Product Alice Newton (former product manager from Gov.UK), cares about how people all over the world use their service.

Because the Philippines is one of its core markets, WorldRemit needed a local UX research team to help them learn how Filipinos would use their newly prototyped idea.

Exploring the motivations and context that make up the relationship of remittance receivers to remittance senders — to build on the learnings from the first research project

The Work

We facilitated their Philippine discovery research phase:  in-context interviews (also called contextual inquiries, a practical type of ethnography), together with WorldRemit's Product lead.

We analyzed:

  • and mapped what their local customer journey is like,
  • the common clusters of behavior (personas) and
  • created a model for the elements that drive service provider choice.

We uncovered how variations in customer' lifestyle affect:

  • how they transact (receive money transfers),
  • manage their finances and
  • manage their relationships with the remittance-senders.

What we treasure leads to stories about what’s truly important - and a deeper understanding of what motivates people to earn and spend money.  Love for family, status in the community, feeling good about ourselves — are values that can be conveyed through our prized possessions.

The Impact

Alice Newton, WorldRemit's Product Head, shared the report and video introduction to their company, and board members, to help the company understand one of their key markets, and plan their new website and feature iterations accordingly.

Project Notes

The Philippine Statistics Authority shares that there are 2.4 Million overseas Filipino workers (not even including overseas migrants).  They send money home, powering the flow of remittances which, in one month alone, can reach up to $2.1 billion. This shows us how many individuals and families potentially rely on and receive remittances

Our Project Partner

"I'm Head of Product for a fast-growing fintech company called WorldRemit. That means I lead teams of developers and UX designers to invent, design and deliver new products and features that serve the needs of users around the world."

The best bit about my job is getting to know our customers and working out how to serve their needs better.

Angela worked with me and WorldRemit’s mobile team to help us get a better understanding of the recipients of money transfer, and to test a prototype of a new app we’re working on. Her insights were invaluable in helping us make the next iteration of the app more usable and engaging. We hope to work with her again!