Mapping the Interactions of E-Learning System Users

Helping redesign the tasks and userflows that are critical to a product's success

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    Bancassurance Service

  • Deliverables

    Customer Journey Mapping, Employee Journey Mapping, In-Context Insights, Service Driver and Barriers Analysis

  • Team Collaborators

    Agency Director, Brand - Marketing team, Management Consultant, Visual Designers

Nuworks Interactive Labs continues its dominance as a digital agency known for production quality (Agency Of the Year for Production, two years in a row). 

Beyond marketing, the Nuworks team chooses to work on improving tech systems and products as well.

Because of its love for digital production, Nuworks took on the challenge of revamping a learning management system (a back-end website or management system, allowing employees or administrators to create and manage online courses) for an established professional continuing education organization.

The Work

We were lucky to work with a team who knew that they needed to understand each type of user who interacts with the learning management system: 

  • Sales
  • Content Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Creatives
  • Facilitation and Instructional Design
  • Customized Instruction/Corporate

We did a two-day in-context research run, observing employees do their tasks, interviewing students, and teachers.

We did a customer journey mapping exercise - where we plotted the most important needs and pain points for the redesign to solve.  We determined gaps, problematic hand-offs and tasks resulting in the most customer complaints. 

The Impact

We presented the results and customer journey maps to both the Nuworks Operations team and the e-learning team directors.

The research helped the Nuworks team: 

  • prioritize features (Which ones should be developed in the first quarter?)
  • validate the need for certain ideas (Will it impact the effectiveness of the system?)
  • ideate solutions (We can create a new solution for this gap in the journey)

Nuworks was able to apply the key learnings for both the mobile and desktop designs prior to coding, because of the speed of the research turnaround and their hands-on involvement in the testing.  This saved them product development resources overall — more concretely, it saved at least 4 days work of web development revisions, because they were able to catch userflow trouble spots during an early design stage.

Project Notes

With Filipinos increasingly using the Internet, knowing digital marketing is becoming more important for any of the over 900,000 businesses all over the country (as of the Department of Trade and Industry's last count), whether you're a corporate brand manager or a small business owner.  Luckily, there are established, and homegrown digital marketing education programs which aim to reach out to these professionals.

For a brand that espouses the development of the digital industry in Metro Manila, it would be important to make sure their own platform is effective and at-par with the best practices of design, to help their end-users learn.

Our Project Partner

"It's an eye-opener for the designers.  We realized certain things that we can do better, not just on a design level, but on a content level as well - how we structure and prioritize content."