Defining Moments That Matter in a Bancassurance Service Design

Employee’s workarounds show the design team critical opportunities for improving a service

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  • Type

    Bancassurance Service

  • Deliverables

    Customer Journey Mapping, Employee Journey Mapping, In-Context Insights, Service Driver and Barriers Analysis

  • Team Collaborators

    Agency Director, Brand - Marketing team, Management Consultant, Visual Designers

Bluethumb Brand Design Agency has been producing business-relevant branding solutions for 15 years.  It works with some of the country’s most visible retail chains such as Ministop, Robinson’s Supermarket and Southstar Drug.

They care about how brands communicate a company's values effectively, not just flashy trends or pure aesthetics.  Now venturing into service design, they needed to have a better understanding of the human stories and experiences behind the services that they’re branding.

Having the opportunity to redesign the total brand of the country’s leading bancassurance service, we worked with Bluethumb to map the real experience of the bancassurance employee and potential customer.  Together, we were able to show how a rebrand means more than just creating visual assets, but assessing the interactions that make up a brand.

The Work

We explored the sales journey from two perspectives - the employee and the customer.  With Bluethumb Brand Design, we conducted design research to map the state of the brand, and the state of the service. 

We did this through in-context interviews (formally known as contextual inquiries; 1-hour interviews in the participants’ home or workplace) and task observation.  We integrated customer journey mapping sessions into a Vision-Mission and Values planning session, to tie in the brand vision to the potential redesigned service experience.

Going beyond “designing assets” to seeing how each touchpoint enables interactions, understanding interactions, instead of just creating assets

What we treasure leads to stories about what’s truly important - and a deeper understanding of what motivates people to earn and spend money.  Love for family, status in the community, feeling good about ourselves — are values that can be conveyed through our prized possessions.  

Exploring the motivations and context that make up the relationship of remittance receivers to remittance senders — to build on the learnings from the first research project

The Impact

Bluethumb Brand Design were able to base their brand strategy for a multi-touchpoint experience, on the customer journey and   employee needs analysis.

Sharing the findings to the bancassurance management helped them diagnose what was working and not working regarding their policies, training kit and inter-organizational relationships which were affecting their frontliner workflow.

Project Notes

The bancassurance industry allows Filipinos to protect themselves financially during tough times, and, using established bank channels.  Currently, Filipinos have enrolled themselves into a plan that could help them secure themselves in the future.

Our Project Partner

"It's an eye-opener for the designers.  We realized certain things that we can do better, not just on a design level, but on a content level as well - how we structure and prioritize content."